Independent Assemblies of God International

The History and Leadership of the Independent Assemblies of God International

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The Independent Assemblies of God was birthed in the year 1918 as the Scandinavian Assemblies of God in the United States of America, Canada and Foreign Lands. It existed under this name from 1918 to 1935.

In 1935 at an annual convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota the Scandinavian Assemblies of God merged with a group called the Independent Pentecostal Churches. The name of this new fellowship was, and to this day remains, the Independent Assemblies of God International.

Dr. A. W. Rasmussen, D.D., was the Founder of the Independent Assemblies of God. He is now deceased and with the Lord. His ministry spanned the globe for over fifty years. He developed and supported missions, orphanages and churches in Canada, the Philippines, India, and throughout the world.

Rev. Philip A Rasmussen M.Div became the next Overseer and serves in this capacity until this day. He is a scholar from Wheaton College and Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena California.

Rev. Rasmussen is well known in many countries like South Africa, the Phillipines and in Europe. His dynamic personality and his love for ministers is well appreciated wherever he goes. He is a "revivalist" who saw first hand the revival in Alberta, Canada in 1948.

Dr Clyde Wasdin Th.D. is the Assistant Overseer of the IAOGI since 1989. With more than 60 years of full time ministry experience, he is indeed a source of wisdom for the IAOGI. Dr Wasdin is educated and established as a Pentecostal academic and he is a powerful author of books.

Dr. Wasdin is well known broadcaster and was awarded with the coveted Angel Award of Hollywood for Christian television. He pastored of the largest Pentecostal churches in the USA. He preached at famous venues like the pulpit of Paul Cho of Central Church Seoul Korea (the largest evangelical church on earth).

Thousands of people came to the Lord through Dr. Wasdin's ministry all over the world. He has been a favorite key-note speaker at international conventions. One of his greatest asset is his unwaving determination to see the Great Commision being fulfilled. He has a "missions drive" that has been a powerful inspiration to ministers and missionaries all over the world.